Gotta keep on keepin' on.......

Cancer again...that's 3 times in 2 years. This time it’s not breast cancer, but a new one called squamous cell carcinoma. New cancer, same old fighting spirit! My blog is still named for one of many songs that kept me going the first time around. Driving home from an upsetting appointment, I turned on the radio just as this line from Steve Miller Band's Jet Airliner was playing: "I've got to keep on keepin' on" I did just that. And I'll do it again.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Party's Over: Monday Morning I Hit the Wall

And the weekend was going so well. Even with being up for a few hours Sunday am, I recovered fine and even got out Sunday afternoon for a walk. I wanted the exercise, of course, but it was more a "vanity walk". I just wanted to enjoy the wind blowing through my hair while I still have it! And don't get me started on the unfairness of it all, finally growing my hair out so I can pull it back into a ponytail.....That's a whole other deal! ;-)

Monday morning I absolutely hit the wall and needed help getting out of bed. I was "bone-tired", if that makes sense. But, after a 2-hr nap and some crackers and eggs, I was feeling strong enough to shuffle around the house. I think the Neulasta shot from Saturday had finally set in. (The day after each treatment I get a shot to help boost my white count. This helps me recover more quickly so I can take another dose of chemo in 2 weeks, instead of the usual 3 weeks. Unfortunately, as I learned Monday a.m., it also makes my lower back throb. Tylenol helps, though.)

I did get John to drive me to Emma's school tonight, so I could bring Emma to her Brownie meeting. I wasn't so sure I was ready to be behind the wheel, especially with my precious girl in back! But I did want Emma to see that Mommy can still do normal things, even if it is a little slower.

Still not feeling terrific by dinnertime, but again, it's not that bad. I keep saying it could be worse! At least I still have my hair!


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