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Cancer again...that's 3 times in 2 years. This time it’s not breast cancer, but a new one called squamous cell carcinoma. New cancer, same old fighting spirit! My blog is still named for one of many songs that kept me going the first time around. Driving home from an upsetting appointment, I turned on the radio just as this line from Steve Miller Band's Jet Airliner was playing: "I've got to keep on keepin' on" I did just that. And I'll do it again.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I feel pretty, oh so pretty....

I am clean! Squeaky clean! Took my first post-surgery shower Wednesday and have showered every day since. What a wonderful feeling!

After my surgery last week, my surgeon told me to keep my stitches and drains dry. "No showers?", I whined. "Nope, just birdbaths," he said.

Birdbaths? While I chuckled at his choice of words, I was very disappointed. If you can't shower, why bother? You don't get clean in a bathtub, you just sit in dirty water. It's fun if you have candlelight and a glass of wine, but I didn't think that would go with my painkillers very well.

So I kind of wallowed in my filth for a few days. I did let the nurse help me wash up before I left the hospital, and I may have wiped down my pits once or twice after that. I don't sweat much these days, even with the hot flashes (I'm officially post-menopausal now, remember....the ovaries are gone) so I wasn't that bad. At least no one said anything.

You can imagine how pleased I was to get the go-ahead on the shower, once I got the drains and sutures out. I've showered every day since, just because I can!


  • At 10/6/07, 1:11 PM, Blogger Sherry Smyth said…

    So happy for you KT...getting the drains out feels sooooo good...but even better to stand under that water and let it flow over you!! Great to get clean but it's the ability to do what you've been forbidden!!!


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