Gotta keep on keepin' on.......

Cancer again...that's 3 times in 2 years. This time it’s not breast cancer, but a new one called squamous cell carcinoma. New cancer, same old fighting spirit! My blog is still named for one of many songs that kept me going the first time around. Driving home from an upsetting appointment, I turned on the radio just as this line from Steve Miller Band's Jet Airliner was playing: "I've got to keep on keepin' on" I did just that. And I'll do it again.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The nicest way to wake up

I have had the best mornings since Friday's chemo. Each morning, a different girl has woken me up in her own sweet way. Saturday, Emma woke me up with a request to join her downstairs for breakfast (she and her sisters had prepared breakfast for everyone, see previous posting "Day After Treatment #2). Sunday, Leah stood by my side until my eyes opened. "Mommy do you want to see my picture?", she said as she held up her drawing of a girl in a pretty dress. She also invited me downstairs to have breakfast in the restaurant (the girls played waitress that morning. Emma wore a canvas toolbelt and took our orders on a notepad.) Monday, little Frances woke me up with "Hi Mommy, you need a kiss!" She planted a wet one on my cheek, then toddled off to the hallway. (I guess she had been AWOL. I heard my mother say "Frances, there you are!" and then sounds of a chase.)

This morning it was baby Jesse's turn. Unfortunately, Jesse didn't wait until a decent hour, like his sisters did. No, my sweet little baby boy woke me (and my mother) at about 2 a.m. I had been dreaming that I was awakened by a baby's frantic cries. In my dream, I got out of bed, opened all the windows and tried to figure out where the cries were coming from. "What a horrible mother!", I thought, "Can't she hear that poor baby?!" When I finally woke up and realized it was MY baby and I was the horrible mother, I ran to his room to find my mom already had things under control. Wet diaper. Together we finished dressing Jesse and I told her about my dream. We whispered/chatted a little longer, then she fixed up a bottle and reluctantly went to bed after I assured her I was fine. I settled into the rocker with my hungry, sleepy baby, pleased that he too wanted to take a turn in waking up Mommy.

Sweet baby Jesse is asleep. I've checked on the girls and they're fine. I've made lunches for school/preschool, fixed a snack for me, and am ready to try to sleep again. I wonder who will wake me up next....and if she/he could possibly top these past few perfect mornings.


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